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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  May 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> this is the city of angels. >> emotional farewell to others loss. how brian stowe's family thanked the doctors. beta breakers with the usual rule breakers. how the police crack down managed to keep the beat. and had us case is one for the magazines. interview with a man who could be the only patient ever cured of aids. good evening. the giants fan recovering a beating outside dodgers stadium will return to the bay area tomorrow. his family said they are excited to have him home but as lindae reports they said they won't forget the experience in los angeles. there. were hugs, tears and gratitude.
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>> this press conference is bitter sweet. we are taking brian home. the people of los angeles have been in our hearts during this six week journey and you have guided us through. we have made lifelong friends, thank you doesn't say enough how much we appreciate you, you will never be forgotten. this is truly the city of angels. >> reporter: brian was severely beaten while walk through the parking lot of the stadium after the opening day game. he has been in the hospital for six weeks being treated for injuries to his brain. doctors say he is stable enough to go home to the bay area. >> he still remain unconscious. he has shown slight signs of improvement meaning he will open his eyes sometimes and is
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able to move his extremities. >> reporter: his parents have kept vigil by his bed. they are thankful for the support they have gotten from strangers. >> they see the shirt and they say -- they ask about brian and say they are praying. we appreciate that. >> reporter: the case has gotten nationwide attention. billboards show sketches of the two suspects. the reward for information is more than a hundred thousand dollars. the care will condition at sfo general. doctor are hope but nowitzki what will happen. >> we know it'll be a long road, it'll be over a year of recovery. we are prepared. >> reporter: his children haven't seen his father.
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his 12-year-old son said he would like to visit him once he gets back. >> a head on collision briefly shut down the golden gate bridge. four cars collided midspan, one reportedly overturned. the injuries were minor but traffic backed up well into san francisco and marin. developing mentally disabled teen missing at end of the beta breakers race has been found. 17-year-old ol ivia got separated from her friend. she turned up tonight unharmed. it was mostly good newsa lone the course, only a few dozen arrests. how the tough new rules played out. >> reporter: it's the 100th beta breakers in san francisco
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and despite new rules. >> great time out there. >> reporter: after complaints from neighbors they said this year no alcohol. >> everybody is drinking are you? >> i am. . >> are you sober? that's unfortunate. do you want? in. >> reporter: no. and the cops were ready to bust people being not good. >> excuse me. you just dumped it. >> they take it and i just get another one. >> reporter: this first aid tent is one of several set up for people who are to drunk to come to sober up. they haven't had much business. other new rule this is year, no floats, no unregistered participants and 1200 portable
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toilets to prevent public urination. >> much calmer and much lamer. we were hoping for -- that a boy. >> reporter: not that lame. despite the random water gun it seemed quieter. >> enjoying the fact there is -- the no alcohol and the parade. >> reporter: we have seen tons of alcohol. >> really? i thought that was prohibited. >> reporter: yeah. it did at least seem scaled back. >> i think it's a lot cleaner than it was before. >> reporter: the police overtime, extra security and clean up will be paid for by the race sponsor. in san francisco, cbs5. >> another race today was canceled by a spring snowstorm. the first stage of the amjen tour had to be delayed when several inches of snow fell. weather permits the rate will
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start tomorrow. checking other headlines witnesses say it was a birthday party brawl that led to the killing of two men last night. officers arrived to find three men shot in the court yard of the housing project. two died at the scene. several people were detained but there is no word on charges. san francisco police are looking for a man suspected of looting a murder victim's bank account. a man believed to be in his 50s is shown coming and going. police want to talk to him act the death of joseph william. the suspect has been seen driving a gold or beige sedan. ? san francisco taxi drivers will get one last chance to speak their line on a final town hall meeting tomorrow. the agency is considering meter increases which drivers haven't seen in years. they say -- they are already struggling since they had to
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start taking credit cards which cost them processing fees. 9 a man who battled aids and won. >> is this the first man in history to be cured of world history? >> i think so. >> the medical miracle and what it means for developing a cure. oak tree that stood in a bay area neighborhood for 300 years could be gone tomorrow. how a woman is fighting to keep it. >> the cbs5 weather center we continue to see showers but there is another storm coming in our direction. we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron?
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scientists discovering what we now know as "aids." it has been . this june marks the 30th anniversary of sciencists finding what we now know as aids. a man here in the bay area may be the first person ever cured of the disease. hank plant who covered the early years of the epidemic returns with this first interview with a man known as the berlin patient. >> reporter: his name is timothy ray brown, 45, living in the bay area who tested
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positive for hiv in 95 and is now in the journals as the first man in world history to have it eliminated from his body. it's called a functional cure. he was living in berlin in 2007, dealing hiv and leukemia when scientists gave him a bone marrow transplant. >> i quit taking my hiv medication on the day that i got the transplant and i haven't had to take any since. >> reporter: amazing. >> yeah. and the leukemia came back unfortunately about a year later and so i got another france plant transplant and both things have been absent. >> reporter: leukemia and aids.
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>> right. >> reporter: gone? >> right. >> reporter: cured? >> yeah. all right. thank you. >> reporter: his only medical problem these day is involving his speech and motor skills because of damage after the treatment but that's getting better. he got stem cells a donor who was immune to hiv. about 1% of white people are, some say it goes back to the great plague, people who survived it developed an immunity. your doctors say you are cured in. >> yeah. they do. >> reporter: and the medical reports in. >> they do as well. >> reporter: cured. >> right. >> reporter: are you the first man in world history to be cured of aids? >> i think so. >> reporter: what do you think? >> it makes me very happy.
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>> reporter: he is now being watched by doctors. we sought out a medical opinion from one of the most respected aids researchers in the world. he was one of the co finders of the virus. >> if you are able to take the white cells from someone and make them no longer able to be infected and they become the whole immune system of the individual you have essentially a functional cure. >> reporter: functional cure. >> that's what the berlin patient tells us. >> reporter: we also sought out a medical opinion from another pioneering expert who has studied the disease for 30 years. >> he is a fascinating story. you can't make it general, you don't want to go get a bone marrow transplant and -- they
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carry a risk themselves. one element of the treatment and we don't know which, let the virus be purged. it'll be interesting to study. >> they say he is cured. >> well, knock on wood. he hasn't had any problems for several years now of the virus and that hasn't happened before. >> reporter: never happened. >> never. >> reporter: timothy brown's procedure may not be okay for others because of the difficulty in stem cell transplant and the right donor this one case does open the door to the field of cure research though. here at the san francisco aids foundation they are using the word cure after so many avoided it for decades. >> sort of felt like you couldn't say cure for a number of years, people felt like it was a sort of promise that was never going to be realized and
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it was dangerous to direct a lot of energy toward it. >> reporter: now? >> things have shifted. >> reporter: shifted toward the hope that the berlin patient brings to all of us. >> i'm cured of hiv. i had hiv but i don't anymore. >> reporter: words that so many in the community are now clinging to. in san francisco, hank plant. >> stem cell research is being funded based on the case trying to repeat the success. the goal is to start clinical trials next year. hank will present more stories about aids as we approach the 30th anniversary of the disease. those start airing here on cbs5 on memorial damon may 30th. a new approach to health care is being tried in the bay area. today a hospital moved more
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than a hundred patients to its new medical complex. the administrators say the new approach is the future of health care. our future? is rain apparently. >> so much for spring. it just continues to rain around the bay area. we had the scattered showers and a few clouds, you can see a couple clouds, the moon looking good and we still have scattered showers around the bay area. we have more significant rain. that will push on shore latel on. a cell been moving across. you are seeing rain drops and heavier cells just to the west and more of that coming your way. more scattered showers in parts of the east bay. in toward oakland and alameda, you were seeing scattered light showers. we will see more continuing on and off this evening but not a whole lot. just a few more speckles off the coastline but another storm
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system that's running faster than expected now and headed toward the bay area. the temperatures outside right now, warmed up a little bit of the sky, started to fill up, 40s and 50s, i think it's -- we look around, most of california we will see showers developing once again as we have look at this next batch of moisture that's being dragged in toward the bay area, going to bring in rain and not much break-in between the storm systems. a few showers for tonight president rain going to develop tomorrow. computer models, moving it forward just a few showers snow. up through the night, we will see a few scattered showers starting to roll on by. tomorrow morning we hope the drive would be nice and dry. things will be wet, chance of a few light showers, the bunt of the system not coming through until the afternoon but moving through earlier now into the middle of the day and
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afternoon. things get iffy as we will see the system come on buy and bring more rainfall. those temperatures running well but low the average. plan on 50s and 60s and we aren't done with the rain just yet. that storm moving in for tomorrow. then leftover showers as we head into tuesday morning, the good news is its moving in faster, we hope it'll move out faster too and dry weather toward the middle of the week and maybe next weekend, few more clouds and a slight chance of showers. >> thank you. a tug of war over a tree. >> i have never done anything like this in my life. >> why one bay area woman is fighting to save an oak from the chainsaws. putting public sector workers back on the job. the summer jobs that will desperately need to be filled. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] longer. the tr . oak tree, one of the last survivors of a pennsylvania forest but may not be here a lot longer. the tree is slated to be cut down tomorrow. one woman says she won't let it go without a fight. >> a stretch of the new four and a half billion pipeline project to bring water to two million residents is headed for this tree. as soon as tomorrow morning chainsaws could cut it down.
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>> i have never done anything like this. >> reporter: why are you? >> i don't want to see her cut down. >> reporter: her is that 300- year-old oak called granny. >> did you get one of these? >> reporter: she is an activist now. >> did you get a notice? >> i did. yeah. >> reporter: the cpuc said this right of way has been talked about since 2008. maureen spoke with us by phone. >> you can't have tries growing over pipelines, that is something that will put in danger the drinking water and we can't have that. >> reporter: they said they have never resolved the big oak issue. him he have given us, none of us no clear indication until friday, last which was friday may 13th when they said they were cutting it down. >> reporter: she hopes to have her neighbors take a bold stand beneath the tree. this is where the pipeline
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tunnels under marsh road. neighbors say why can't they tunnel under a tree? the cpuc said it was rejected. >> they felt that the construction or anything we would do would compromise the roots. >> reporter: marian is ready to do battle. >> we won't move. >> reporter: putting your life on the line? >> i am. for granny. >> the governor takes a second stab at balancing the budget. what he will propose. >> and incredible sunday in sports is coming up. can the sharks protect another 3rd period lead? we will have reaction from vancouver. and seahawks coach and former usc boss pete carroll on the show. what he says about tim that he wants to set the record
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straight on game day next. ,,,,,,
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more opportunities happen. state employees who have been banking vacation days then taking lump sum payouts when they leave . the governor plans to crack down on state employees banking vacation days and then taking lump sum pay outs when they leave their jobs. 14,000 employees did that in 2010. one doctor got close to 600
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throw dollars in back pay after banking two and a half years of unuses vacation time. the plan would raise income tax rates, it callser extending vehicle fees and sales taxes. he would close 70 state parks to save money. budget shortages are forcing some families to layoff firefighters but there are still jobs to be had. santa claire is expecting an active wildfire season after spring rains. cal fire will hire crews to staff six more engining. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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down the competition to take the down the competition to take the number one spot at the . you'll see soon enough. >> i hope you en


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